Covid 19 Precautions


To ensure safety:

1.  We will be offering private bookings

-Once the reservation is complete, the booking will automatically close the rest of the open spots. This will prevent other groups from booking into the same room.

-If you are making more than one reservation for the same time slot, please call 412-545-3009.


2.  Masks are required to enter the premises

-Masks must be worn at all times while in the common areas including our photo op.

-When you have entered the room and it is safe, the game master will give you the cue to remove yout mask (if you are comfotable doing so) for the duration of the game.


3.  Every player must sanitize upon entering the escape room

-Before beginning the experience, the game master will prompt everyone to sanitize before entering.

-If you have allergies to common hand sanitizers, please kindly provide your own and be prepared to sanitize under our employee's supervision.


4.  No outdoor food or beverages permitted

-To prevent contamination, we will not be permitting or providing any food or beverages.


5.  Gloves in adult sizes are accessible upon request, but not required

-Please note we have adult size (Large) gloves only.


6.  Extended cleaning programs in common areas and gaming areas

-When interacting with the game masters, they will be wearing a clean pair of gloves and masks to keep all players safe.

-In between games, we will be sanitizing high-touch areas, high-touch items and all surfaces with a CDC recommended solution.

-We have also removed high-touch items and unnecessary soft surface items from the games to limit contamination throughout.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call us at 412-545-3009.