Seeking Sasquatch

After setting up camp in the woods in search of Bigfoot, you and your crew have located him! While you may have began by hunting him.. he is now hunting you! You have one hour before the sun sets.

Game Details

Sasquatch Is Lurking

Immerse yourself in the shadowy woods where the legend of the Sasquatch has stirred fear and curiosity for centuries. This colossal, Neanderthal-like creature known as Bigfoot, is said to haunt the twilight hours, prowling for those who linger too long in his domain. As the sun sets, casting fleeting shadows through the dense canopy, you and your team have just one hour to escape the encroaching darkness.

Navigate a series of cryptic clues and intricate puzzles embedded in the forest’s lore to find your way to safety. Keep your wits about you as every sound and movement becomes a potential sign of the lurking beast. Can you unravel the mysteries of the woods and evade the grasp of the Sasquatch before night falls completely?





60 min



Per Person