The Study

Mr. Wellington, renowned book collector, has been acquiring objects to perform a powerful ritual. He has gone to retrieve the final passages and will be back to perform the ritual in one hour. Stop him before he activates the idols and takes over the world!

Game Details

The End Is Nigh

Many cultures throughout history have had legendary artifacts with power from unexplained sources. You and your team of paranormal investigators have been following the activity of a wealthy eccentric book collector named Mr. Wellington. It is rumored that through his acquisition of many, books and many years of research, he has uncovered the story behind some very powerful artifacts from the ancient worlds.

Once combined with the correct scripts, Mr. Wellington will be able to wield their power and control the world. Mr. Wellington’s estate has been shrouded in mystery since its construction in 1987. Very few have ever stepped foot inside the mansion. There are reports of curious messages and hidden passages located throughout. You and your team have one hour to infiltrate his estate and retreat.





60 min



Per Person