Escape the Undead

It’s been months since the first infections began and society has completely collapsed. You have only survived this long by running. A horde of the undead is coming your way. You have 60 minutes to find safety.

Game Details

Zombies Are Coming!

Embark on a harrowing journey through the remnants of a world ravaged by a relentless zombie apocalypse in “Escape The Undead.” Months have passed since the viral outbreak first decimated society, turning bustling cities into graveyards ruled by roaming hordes of the undead. In your desperate search for refuge, you and your group of survivors must solve a series of clues and puzzles before the hord of undeed gets to you.

Scour through remnants of the past and piece together clues, all while coordinating with your team to fortify your sanctuary. Time is of the essence, and quick thinking is your best ally. Can you accomplish the task and evade the undead, or will you join the ranks of the wandering horde? The clock is ticking, survival is the prize, and every moment counts.





60 min



Per Person