Step into our suspenseful mobile escape room, “Framed,” and see if you have what it takes to crack the case! Dive into the CSI tent and uncover the clues in time before the cops return and you’re framed for some serious crimes.

Game Details

A Pop-up Escape Experience

“Framed” uses a tent-like design, and is perfect to be set up in spaces like fire halls, gyms, parking lots, parks, flat driveways, rec rooms, cafeterias, pavillions, expo centers, offices with high ceilings, and more!


How It Works

1 – We arrive at your event 2 hours early to set up.
2 – We run the escape room with a staff of game masters to ensure everything goes smoothly.
3 – We break it all down and are gone the same day!

Site Requirements

1 – 15×40 ft. flat surface
2 – Access to a power hook-up





30 min

Game Time





For 12 Players

Add $149.99

For each 6 Additional Players


For 30 players in 4 hours
($34.99 per person)